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Awakening Inner Motivation

What Clients Say:
Comments from participant evaluations: 2006-2009

  • My feet haven't quite touched the ground. I can't imagine a better experience. The way you integrate the arts was heaven. I feel like it's taken me 20 plus years of experience and brought it together into something I can do now, and see doing for years to come.

  • The 2-day training was extremely helpful in my confidence and ability to apply motivational interviewing. Steve is a masterful trainer.

  • Excellent role model of how to use MI skills! Excellent role model of how to present a workshop!

  • Thank you. These 2-days were amazingly helpful. I was so pleasantly surprised at the high quality of the workshop. My attention was consistently captured. I have rarely attended sessions that were as beneficial overall. Excellent and most appreciated.

  • Awesome command over subject.

  • The workshop was a joy. Steve is not only a master of motivational interviewing, he is a wonderful facilitator. A++

  • One of the most instructive 2-day workshops I’ve ever attended—awesome!

  • I found this program extremely helpful and motivating. Mr. Berg-Smith is an outstanding presenter!

  • Steve has excellent presentation skills. He found many ways to participants’ needs no matter what skill level they had. He demonstrated warmth, genuineness, empathy, respect, and appreciation. Thanks.

  • Great overall training!!!

  • Good job. Very energetic. Enjoyed your instruments

  • So very useful!

  • This was a GREAT event that feels like a paradigm shift for us and just the beginning of getting skilled at bringing health changes to lives.

  • Creative, entertaining, and highly practical.

  • Very valuable training

  • I like the tools. Good job staying on track and keeping our interest.
  • Really wonderful, fun, useful for wor08/13/2010
  • Excellent trainer. You inspire me. I plan to use these key principles in my counseling.

  • Best ever. Come back soon. What a versatile, multi-talented guy.
  • I didn’t want to be here today, but Steve made a difference. His style of motivating is great.
  • The facilitator was awesome, and I look10/06/2014>
  • One of the best trainings I’ve ever attended that I can use not only at work but in my personal life/family life. Thank you, Steve

  • A really motivational speaker. I loved it and will definitely use these new skills in and outside of clinic.

  • Very useful and practical training. The subject matter very relevant and the trainer is professional, skillful, great communicator, and fun.

  • Very well done… especially on a Friday.

  • I don’t typically put all 5’s on things like this…

  • People start with a careless attitude and at end of day were participating and interested in the training.

  • Very organized and client-centered. Steve modeled appropriate MI behavior.

  • Thank you for a well thought out, planned, informative training. In our line of work it’s important to try to be positive

  • I really like the fact that you are very flexible and open to our suggestions. You are a great role model.

  • Best training ever attended.

  • I can’t believe how your talk changed my motivation and encouragement for getting up and going to work every day—especially how you hit the head of the ball on the biggest problem I have in my life and how I intend to change it.

  • It was the most applicable training I have ever attended!






"I don’t think words can adequately describe my experience during the entire MINT training. It was such a fantastic learning experience. I learned so much. I enjoyed myself. You and Cristiana did a phenomenal job of building our skills and keeping us engaged. I met wonderful peers… What more can I say, except that I’m beside myself with glee. Thank you."

Jacqueline Rubino, MPH, Florida, New York


Steven Malcolm Berg-Smith, MS, MINT Member (1994)
Trainer, Consultant, Mentor, Coach

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