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Wellness Coaching

In his work as a health counselor & educator, Steven Malcolm has over 20 years of experience in inspiring and supporting individuals in making important life changes. He’s available to provide ‘wellness coaching’ to adults and adolescents in:

  • Making lifestyle changes (e.g., addictive behaviors, physical activity, balance & simplicity, diet & nutrition)
  • Completing projects
  • Managing transitions
  • Initiating career changes
  • Manifesting life dreams

During the coaching process, Steve offers care and respect, honest feedback, useful recommendations, encouragement, and an unwavering belief in the client’s potential for positive change and transformation.

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What happens during Motivational Coaching?

We work together in a collaborative partnership to:

Define core values and important life goals

Uncover and mobilize inner motivation to specific wellness-related changes

Craft achievable plans of action

Navigate the journey to lasting change


Steven Malcolm Berg-Smith, MS, MINT Member (1994)
Trainer, Consultant, Mentor, Coach

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